2022 Annual Loyola Marymount University Ramadan Interfaith Iftar Dinner 


After a two year gap, due to the pandemic, 2022 Annual Ramadan Interfaith Dinner took place with Muslim Student Life at LMU and Salaam Islamic Center at Malone Center. Kienan Taweil, MSL Program Coordinator welcomed the guests and shared the outline of the evening dinner. With the call to prayer, muslims are invited to perform the evening prayer downstairs at a room allocated for Muslim Student Life.


Dr John Sebastian, Vice President of Mission and Ministry of LMU welcomed the participants and shared the prayer taken from the supplications of the most prominent Muslim women saint in Islamic history, Rabiah al- Adawiyah who introduced the selfless love of the Divine through her poetry and prayers. Father Reeves and Rabbi Zysman offered their blessings over the meal followed by Kienan’s prayer. Dr Amir Hussein welcomed the guests, students and the faculty to the Iftar Meal. Atilla Kahveci of Pacifica Institute mentioned that Ramadan, through fasting is not only a time of remembrance of God who provides us by the servants’ hands of air, water, plants and trees but also a time of community and of coming together with neighbors, friends and colleagues of diverse backgrounds and traditions.


Kienan Taweil with his finishing remarks, encouraged participants to give to the Muslim Student Life at LMU and the Iftar dinner came to an end with guest interacting and giving feedback how it is to fast for 14 hours, 30 days straight.









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Date: 6th of April, 2022

Time: 6:45

Address: LMU (See the flier below for complete address)


Annual LMU Iftar Dinner