Manhattan Beach Community Church hosted the Pacifica Institute Fundraising Spring Banquet on the 25th of April, Wednesday, 2018. It was a well attended event close to a hundred guests jam-packed the facility with silent auction items displayed against one side of the wall.

Atilla Kahveci welcomed the guests and invited them to self serve the home made food cooked by Pacifica volunteers.  After dinner Dr Clayton made his keynote speech of the Art of Living Together by sharing stories and narrations of each traditions from the Hindu, Jewish, Christian and Muslim faith that centralizes the topic of compassion, living together and getting along with one another. Dr Clayton invited the guests to share their experiences of living together among the participants of the dinner at the tables.

Rabbi Haim Beliak, the founder of Jews on First pointed out the stories in Jewish tradition and focused the meaning of compassion in each of the traditions. Father Alexei shared with the audience his experiences and witnessing of the Jews, Christians and Muslims holding hands together the way it should be with the Abrahamic faiths. Dr Stanizai stressed the significance of diversity which is a richness that contributes to the well being of the sociiety. Nirinjan Khalsa of Sikh Faith gave the audience the hope of becoming a global inclusive society where diversity is the richness rather than a challenge.

The night came to an end with silent auction closing at 9 pm sharp where the guests spent some time conversing with each other.